Colour Guide

Painting experts in the Canterbury region offering colour guide

All colours are different and offer a unique effect. Bond Painters and Decorators in the Canterbury region are the painting experts when it comes to assisting you in finalising the perfect colour scheme for your home and office.

So call us today or visit us to meet one of our painting experts to discuss your home or office project in the Canterbury region. We are here to help.

Warmer tones

Warmer colours are ideal for a home. They give a sense of comfort and create an inviting feel for the guests. You can also use warmer colours to compliment your furniture and your immediate surroundings.
Colour palette for warmer tones

Cooler tones

Cooler colours are popular with commercial establishments. They offer a professional outlook on the business. You can select from a variety of options to create the right look for your business. 
Colour palette for cooler tones
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